Dr.-Ing. Frank Böhr


I studied applied computer science with a focus on embedded systems at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern.
After receiving my diploma (Dipl.-Inf.) in computer science I started to work at the Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering (IESE).
During my time at the IESE I focused on quality assurance of embedded software systems. Supported by a scholarship from the “Klaus Tschira Graduate School on
the Architecture of Highly Reliable Software Systems”, I returned to the Technical University of Kaiserslautern to work on my PhD thesis (The Usage Net Approach).
Here my focus was on Model-based testing of embedded software systems and reliability estimation.
Currently I hold a PostDoc position within the graduate school “Embedded Microsystems” at the Albert-Ludwig-University of Freiburg/Breisgau.


Selected Publications

F. Böhr (PhD Thesis),
Model-Based Statistical Testing of Embedded Real-Time Software with Continuous and Discrete Signals in a Concurrent Environment: The Usage Net Approach,
Technische Universität Kaiserslautern (ISBN-10: 3843903484), 2011      

F. Böhr, R. Eschbach,
SIMOTEST: A tool for automated testing of hybrid real-time Simulink models,
16th Conference on Emerging Technologies & Factory Automation, 2011      

F. Böhr,
Model-Based Statical Testing of Embedded Systems,
7th Workshop on Advances in Model Based Testing, 2011

F. Böhr,
Model-Based Statistical Testing and Concurrent Streams of Use,
3nd Workshop on Model-based Testing in Practice, 2010

F. Böhr,
Model-Based Statistical Testing and Durations,
7th Workshop on System Testing and Validation, 2010

F. Böhr,
Model-Based Statistical Testing and Time,
2nd Workshop on Model-based Testing in Practice, 2009

 T. Bauer, F. Böhr, R. Eschbach,
On MiL, HiL Statistical Testing, Reuse and Effort,
Fraunhofer IESE, 2008

 T. Bauer, T. Beletski, F. Böhr, R. Eschbach, D. Landman, J. H. Poore,
From requirements to automated testing of quasar aussenspiegeleinstellung,
Fraunhofer IESE, 2007

T. Bauer, T. Beletski, F. Böhr, R. Eschbach, D. Landmann, J. H.Poore,
From Requirements to Statistical Testing of Embedded Systems,
Proceedings of 4th International ICSE Workshop on Software Engineering for Automotive Systems, 2007

M. Anastasopoulos, F. Böhr, T. Patzke, C. Peper, D. Schneider, M. Sohn,
Ambient intelligence systems. Scenarios and challenges,
Fraunhofer IESE, 2006

F. Böhr (Diploma Thesis),
Anwendung und Evaluierung verhaltensbasierter Ansätze zur Entwicklung verlässlicher Automotivesysteme,
Technische Universität Kaiserslautern, 2006


Summer 2012,
Einführung in die Informatik (Lecture),
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Invited Talks

SQRL-Week 10,
Model-Based Statistical Testing and Simulink,
University of Tennessee, 2010

SQRL-Week 09,
Model-Based Statistical Testing and Stochastic Petri-Nets,
University of Tennessee, 2009

Research Interests

My main interest is Model-based software testing, especially Model-based statistical testing (MBST).
A list of papers from this field is given below.


Dr.-Ing. Frank Böhr
University of Freiburg
Dept. of Computer Science
Autonomous Intelligent Systems
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D-79110 Freiburg

Phone: +49 - (0)761 - 203-8025
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