STL Documentation in various formats

I have been searching the web for the documentation or specification of the C++ STL (Standard Template Library). The only one that I can find is the version by Alexander Stepanov and Meng Lee, available in various places for download in Postscript format. Although Postscript produces nice printouts, it is not convenient to use on-line. It is not easy to jump around the document (because of the lack of hyperlinks). Looking for the details on some certain classes or functions is difficult, due to the lack of an index and a search function.

So, I decided to convert the documentation into a more useable format. I based on the version of Alexander Stepanov and Meng Lee and adapted it to TeXinfo format (40272 bytes, gzipped), with many enhancements (such as adding hyperlinks and indices). From TeXinfo, I generated the documentation in the following formats.


Revision 1.2 (2004-04-16)

If you downloaded any of these files before 16 April, 2004, you have got the files generated from revision 1.1 of the texinfo file. (Check the number in the $Id: ... $ string on the COPYING page/node.)

If you have already installed those files locally, there is actually no need to update to revision 1.2. The only change in this revision is some added information to make the Info files easier to install. They have no effects on the document contents. Some files have been renamed, though. However, the files should look the same as the previous revision.

Thanks to Eric E. Moore for the suggested patch.


The conversion process involved non-trivial manual work, which is error-prone. I cannot make any guarantee on the correctness of the result. Whenever in doubt, consult the original version, or the latest standard documents.

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