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Armin Hornung
Nao Robots
Photo by B. Schilling

I am a postdoctoral research assistant at the Humanoid Robots Laboratory of the University of Freiburg. After studying at the University of Freiburg and the University of Washington in Seattle, I received my Master's degree ("Diplom") from University of Freiburg in January 2009 and finished my PhD under the supervision of Maren Bennewitz in March 2014.

The focus of my research lies in humanoid robot navigation. See "Projects" below or my publications (with videos) for more details about my research. Some videos of my work are also available in our lab's YouTube-Channel.

You can find some of the code that I develop and maintain on


As a member of the DFG-funded SFB/TR8 Spatial Cognition, I work on humanoid robot navigation in complex indoor environments.

The OctoMap library provides a compact and efficient data structure for robotic mapping in arbitrary 3D environments. I am the co-developer and current maintainer of the project, which is available open-source at GitHub under the BSD license.

I am the developer and maintainer of several drivers and other software that integrates the Nao humanoid robot into ROS, a free and open source robot operating system. In addition to the Nao ROS stack, I also maintain the humanoid_navigation stack and the octomap_mapping stack that integrates OctoMap into ROS.

During a research internship at Willow Garage in California I worked on the manipulation occupancy map collider and developed the 3d_navigation stack. This set of software packages enables a mobile manipulation robot like the PR2 to navigate in complex, threedimensional and cluttered environments.