A. Kleiner, C. Dornhege, R. K├╝mmerle, M. Ruhnke, B. Steder, B. Nebel, P. Doherty, M. Wzorek, P. Rudol, G. Conte, S. Durante, and D. Lundstrom.
RoboCupRescue - Robot League Team RescueRobots Freiburg (Germany).
In RoboCup 2006 (CDROM Proceedings), Team Description Paper, Rescue Robot League. Bremen, Germany, 2006.


This paper describes the approach of the RescueRobots Freiburg team, which is a team of students from the University of Freiburg that originates from the former CS Freiburg team (RoboCupSoccer) and the ResQ Freiburg team (RoboCupRescue Simulation). Furthermore we introduce linkMAV, a micro aerial vehicle platform. Our approach covers RFID-based SLAM and exploration, autonomous detection of relevant 3D structures, visual odometry, and autonomous victim identification. Furthermore, we introduce a custom made 3D Laser Range Finder (LRF) and a novel mechanism for the active distribution of RFID tags.

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