R. K├╝mmerle, G. Grisetti, and W. Burgard.
Simultaneous Parameter Calibration, Localization, and Mapping.
Advanced Robotics, 26(17):2021-2041, 2012.


The calibration parameters of a mobile robot play a substantial role in navigation tasks. Often these parameters are subject to variations that depend either on changes in the environment or on the load of the robot. In this paper, we propose an approach to simultaneously estimate a map of the environment, the position of the on-board sensors of the robot, and its kinematic parameters. Our method requires no prior knowledge about the environment and relies only on a rough initial guess of the parameters of the platform. The proposed approach estimates the parameters on-line and it is able to adapt to non-stationary changes of the configuration. We tested our approach in simulated environments and on a wide range of real world data using different types of robotic platforms.

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