Open-source software:

(click on the items to be redirected to the respective github project's page) POSQ an ad-hoc steer function that improves the performances of sampling-based motion planner (RRT* and RRT). It can be used to steer a robot from the initial pose to a goal one. Fork of the OMPL API with the POSQ function included as extension. SRL_RHCF_PLANNER is a ROS move_base package that implements a fast hierarchical motion planning framework, which reactively generates an optimal kinodynamic trajectory in the best homotopy class found by the algorithm Randomized Homotopy Class Finder (RHCF). The package is a global_planner plug-in for the ROS package move_base. It adhers to the specifics of nav_core::BaseGlobalPlanner. The SRL_GLOBAL_PLANNER ROS package provides an implementation of the sampling based motion planners (RRT, RRT*, Theta*-RRT) as global planner plugin for move_base, a ROS framework. It runs on the Spencer robot platform Collection of different RRT variants developed in MATLAB for teaching purposes. C++ implementation of the any-angle path planner Theta*. It is based on STL libraries. For description of the algorithm refer to the paper "Theta*: Any-Angle Path Planning on Grids" written by Alex Nash, Kenny Daniel, Sven Koenig and Ariel Felner.
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