WASH Version History

NEW20070725: WashNGo-2.12
bugfix in preprocessor: textarea did not accept code preset
20070713: WashNGo-2.11
small bugfixes, error highlighting now via class='faultyinput'
20061202: WashNGo-2.10
small bugfixes, fixes for ghc-6.6 (cabal)
20060602: WashNGo-2.9
revised transactional interface with nested transactions
20060505: WashNGo-2.8.2, WASHDB-0.1
minor bugfixes, transactional database interface
20060421: WashNGo-2.8
interface change for transactional variables, minor bugfixes
20060413: WashNGo-2.7, WSP-0.1.6
transactional variables, minor bugfixes
20060323: WashNGo-2.6, WSP-0.1.5
both cabalized, minor bugfixes
20051111: WashNGo-2.5.6
bugfixed for WSP support
20051107: WashNGo-2.5.4
included support for WSP
20050928: WashNGo-2.5.1
dynamic detection of JavaScript
20050919: WashNGo-2.5
transition to hierarchical modules
20050630: WashNGo-2.4.7
fixed build target
20050614: WashNGo-2.4.4
upgrade to ghc-6.4
further revision needed: transition to hierarchical libraries in one package required due to different treatment of package dependencies
20050314: WashNGo-2.3.1
internal reorganization for dynamic loading and continuous query operation.
New to the API: callWithCurrentHistory
Preprocessor now accepts HTML <input> and <textarea> tags directly
20041110: WashNGo-2.0.6
bug fixes: forever, constructQuery
20040818: WashNGo-2.0.5
installation problems fixed, wash2hs bug fixed
20040811: WashNGo-2.0.3
makefile problems fixed, document template interface extended, wash2hs now supports WASH: prefixed specials (experimental)
20040729: WashNGo-2.0.2
installation via autoconf, no longer separate distributions, small bug fixes (indentation in wash2hs)
20040618: WASH-CGI-1.4.34, wash2hs-0.5
IO works everywhere, field concatenation; better treatment of comments; documentation of Opional
20040513: WASH-CGI-1.4.29, WASHHTML-0.14.7
bug fixes
20040430: WASH-CGI-1.4.23, WASHHTML-0.14.5, WASHMail-0.3.6, Utility-0.3.10, wash2hs-0.4.3
made into packages, better integration for wash2hs, small fixes
20040328: WASH-CGI-1.4.21
checked file references
20040302: WASH-CGI-1.4.19
bugfix: JavaScript compatibility
20040226: WASH-CGI-1.4.17, WASHHTML-0.14.3
extended activation concept, can generate comments
20040218: WASH-CGI-1.4.16, wash2hs-0.4
new client-side submission architecture, links can submit forms, wash2hs can include external XML files
20031212: WASH-CGI-1.4.15, WASHHTML-0.14.2, Utility-0.3.7
bugfixes, improved support for abstract selector
20031119: wash2hs-0.3
text gaps, 'var <- expression' notation supported
20031105: WASH-CGI-1.4.11, WASHMail-0.3.3, WASHHTML-0.11, Utility-0.3.6
bugfixes, reorganization
20031017: WASH-CGI-1.4.9, WASHMail-0.3.2, wash2hs-0.2.2
added modified BSD license, small bugfixes
20030926: WASH-CGI-1.4.4, Utility-0.3.3, WASHMail-0.3.1, WASHHTML-0.10.1
added modified BSD license, small bugfixes
20030911: WASH-CGI-1.4.1, Utility-0.3.1
new functionality: abstract tables (module AbstractSelector)
20030909: wash2hs-0.2.1
bug fix in wash2hs
20030904: WASH-CGI-1.3, WASHHTML-0.10, WASHMail-0.3, Utility-0.3, wash2hs-0.2
Unicode support. All communication now in UTF-8
Major internal restructuring
Persistent2 fixed
HTTPS auto detection

Peter Thiemann
Last modified: Fri Jun 2 15:59:43 CEST 2006