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Short documentation for course 2

  • Example of Fancy
  • Larger documents
  • Title page
  • Structure
  • Listings
  • table of contents
  • list of figures
  • list of tables
  • bibliography
  • Text structure
  • Text structure
  • Verbatim and Co.
  • Footnotes
  • References
  • Own ideas
  • Own command
  • Usepackage
  • Counter

  • Example of Fancy

    \lhead{Sascha Frank}
    \chead{Short docu 2}
    After this there has to be some written text, else there is no output.

    Larger documents

    Title page

    \title{\LaTeX-Course 2}
    \author{Sascha Frank} 


    \begin{abstract} summary 
    \section{What is \LaTeX ?} 
    a little text
    \subsection{\LaTeX for Linux } 
    more text 
    \subsection{\LaTeX for Windows} 
    new chapter 
    Overview of commands for document structuring
    \begin{abstract} Begin of the summary
    \end{abstract}End of the summary
    \chapter Chapter
    \section Section
    \subsection Subsection
    \paragraph Paragraph
    \subparagraph Subparagraph
    \appendix Appendix


    Report and book make a new page for each listing.

    table of contents Table of contents \tableofcontents is made from the document structure, for e.g. \section{\LaTeX for Linux} there would been written "Latex for Linux", in the table of contens.

    list of figures To put a figure in list of figures, it must be in a figure environment.

    \caption{Our new logo}
    The list of figures shows "Our new logo" p.?? .

    list of tables To put a table in list of tables, it must be in a table environment.

    \caption{\LaTeX \ course overview}
    time & course instructor & title \\
    The list of table then shows that LaTeX course overview is located at page ??.


    \bibitem[Frank 04]{Kurs1} \emph{First steps with \LaTeX},
    Sascha Frank 2004
    \bibitem[Frank 05]{kurz1} \emph{short documentation for course 1}
    Sascha Frank 2005 
    Qoute within text with e.g. \cite{Kurs1}
    Note: The document classes report and book, make a new page for each listing.

    Text structure

    Text structure

    Text may stand left
    but also right. 
    or just mid. 

    Verbatim and Co.



    Again something senseless \footnote{referring to  our problem} text.
    Again something senseless 2 text.
    Put a footnot within text with \footnote{Text}.


    Own ideas

    To define new commands
    z.B \newcommand{\kurs}{\LaTeX-Kurs}
    \kurs LaTeX-Kurs

    If the command is already assigned in Latex, you have to take another command name.

    New commands can have up to 9 arguments.

    \newcommand{\newName}[Number of arguments]{Definition}
    z.B \newcommand{\kursnr}[1]{\LaTeX-Kurs #1}
    \kursnr{3} LaTeX-Kurs 3
    Commands which already assigned can be redefine.
    Change existing enviroments


    With quantity of short cuts, new commands and new enviroments, which were frequently used, you can build your own usepackage instead of copy and paste the code. A usepackage got the ending .sty e.g. mypackage.sty and requires following details.



    LaTeX counst at many enviroments and commands. Standard counters are page and titles.
    Overview of counters
    \newcounter{name}defines a new counter
    \setcounter{name}{new value}set a counter on a new value
    \addtocounter{name}{value}Adds a certain value to the counter
    \stepcounter{name}Adds 1 to the value of the counter
    \roman{name}counts with Roman numbers
    \arabic{name}counts with Arabic numerals
    \alph{name}counts with small latin letters
    Example of an alphabetical enumerating with Latex
    \newcommand{\aliste}{\begin{liste} \setcounter{ale}{1}}
    \newcommand{\aliste}{\begin{liste} \setcounter{ale}{1}}
    \abc 111 
    \abc 222
    \abc 333 
    Example of an alphabetical enumerating with Latex
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    1. But within tables it works differently
    2. referring to our problem
    Sascha Frank
    Last modified: Tue Sep 6 10:41:10 MEST 2005