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Term papers and presentation

That is a part of the seminars which I wrote and/or Referate which I held.
  • Allgemeine Psychologie 1 WS 04/05 (german only)
  • Wirtschaftspolitik WS 04/05 (abstract in english)
  • Sozialpsychologie WS 04/05 (german only)
  • Telematik SS 05 (german only)
  • Latex and Beamer Class

    That is overview of the Latex of courses which I held in the last two terms (WS 04/05 and SS 05). My term papers and presentations were provided with Latex and/or the Beamer Class of Latex. I put the source code, from in my point of view intersting parts of the presentations, online.
  • Examples for Latex Beamer Class
  • Latex Einführungskurs WS 04/05 (german only)
  • Latex Courses SS 05
  • Lectures

    Among them collect themselves homework, examination preparations and summaries.
  • Finanzwissenschaft I SS 03 (german only)
  • Allgemeine Psychologie 2 SS 04 (german only)
  • Bilanzierung SS 03 (german only)
  • Investition SS 02 (german only)
  • Organisation und Kontrolle SS 04 (german only)
  • Advanced Macroeconomics II SS05

  • Term papers and presentation

    Allgemeine Psychologie 1 WS 04/05

    Blockseminar:"Universaldienst in geöffneten Netzen" WS 04/05

    Sozial Psychologie WS 04/05

    Telematik-Referat SS 05

    Latex and Beamerclass

    Beamer Class Examples

    Latex Einführungskurs WS 2004

    Latex Courses SS 2005


    Finanzwissenschaften I SS 03

    Allgemeine Psychologie 2 SS 04

    Bilanzierung SS 03

    Investition SS 02

    Organisation und Kontrolle SS 04

    Advanced Macroeconomics II

    Sascha Frank
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