Embedded Microsystems
In the research prospects 2000+ the Max Planck Society states: "In the future, numerous objects of our daily life will contain embedded microsystems with interfaces to people and wireless connections to other objects. This requires reliable, highly meshed systems that will exceed the dimension of what we know today from the World Wide Web" - Applications in medical diagnostics, instrumented homes, manufacturing environments, and vehicles among others demand a systematic development of methods for the design and the secure operation of such embedded microsystems as well as the education of highly qualified scientists in this area. The PhD program "Embedded Microsystems" at the University of Freiburg strives for this goal.
This project is a cooperation between the EPLF in Lausanne and the University of Freiburg. The goal is to build an automous (Smart) car.
  Multi-Level Surface Maps
Efficient map representation for outdoor environments which allows a highly accurate online scan-matching and loop-closing I developed together with Rudolph Triebel