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HOG-Man - Hierarchical Optimization for Pose Graphs on Manifolds

HOG-Man is our new back-end for graph-based SLAM which is also designed for online applications.

TORO - Tree-based netwORk Optimizer

TORO is our efficient solution to compute low error configurations of constraint networks used in SLAM.



Get our the latest version of GMapping, our SLAM approach using a Rao-Blackwellized particle filter (hosted at

ECMR'07 Tutorial on SLAM with Rao-Blackwellized PFs

Course Material for the ECMR 2007 Tutorial on SLAM with RBPFs.

IROS'05 Advanced SLAM Tutorial

Course Material for the IROS 2005 Advanced SLAM Tutorial.

C Implementation of the Hungarian Method

Download libhungarian-v0.1.3.tgz (21.09.2015)

C-implementation of the Hungarian Method: finding the optimal assignment (assigning a set of jobs to a set of machines) in O(n^3), where n=max{#jobs, #machines}. The implementation is a sligntly enhanced version of the implementation provided by the Stanford GraphBase. See also: Stanford GraphBase, Hungarian Method by Brian Gerkey.