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Short Curriculum Vitae

Cyrill Stachniss has joined the University of Bonn as the chair for photogrammetry. Before that, he was a lecturer at the University of Freiburg in Germany. In 2009/2010, he had a 1-year professor position during the sabbatical of Wolfram Burgard and was heading the lab for Autonomous Intelligent Systems in Freiburg. Cyrill Stachniss finished his habilitation in November 2009 working as an academic advisor at the University of Freiburg and being a guest lecturer at the University of Zaragoza in Spain. Before that, he was a senior researcher at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in the Autonomous Systems Lab of Roland Siegwart. In April 2006, he finished his PhD thesis entitled "Exploration and Mapping with Mobile Robots", supervised by Wolfram Burgard, at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Freiburg. Before being a PhD student, he studied physics and computer science at the University of Marburg and Freiburg. From 2008-2013, he was an associate editor of the IEEE Transactions on Robotics, since 2010 a Microsoft Research Faculty Fellow, and received the IEEE RAS Early Career Award in 2013.

In his research, he focuses on probabilistic techniques in the context of mobile robotics, perception, and navigation problems. A central area of his research is autonomous exploration in combination with solutions to the simultaneous localization and mapping problem. He is also interested in classification and learning approaches, in computer controlled cars, and in computer vision. Cyrill Stachniss is actively participating in several European research projects in the context of urban navigation, mobile manipulation, factories of the future, and digital access to cultural heritage. He is currently coordinating the project ROVINA which develops robots for the exploration, digital preservation, and visualization of archeological sites.

See his publication list and research page for further details. You can also find a detailed resume here.

Honors and Awards

  • ICRA 2015 -- Finalist best service robotics paper (2015)
  • Faculty Teaching Award (Fakultätslehrpreis) (2012/2013).
  • IEEE RAS Early Career Award (2013).
  • ICRA 2013 Best Associate Editor Award (2013).
  • ICRA 2013 -- Finalist best student paper (2013)
    for the paper Robust Map Optimization Using Dynamic Covariance Scaling.
  • Robotics: Science and Systems Early Career Spotlight (2012).
  • Microsoft Research Faculty Fellow (2010).
  • 7th EURON Georges Giralt Award for the best robotics thesis in Europe in 2006 (received in 2008).
  • Wolfgang-Gentner PhD Award (2006)
    for my PhD thesis Exploration and Mapping with Mobile Robots .
  • ICRA 2005 -- Finalist best student paper (2005)
    for the paper Supervised Learning of Places from Range Data using AdaBoost.
  • ICASE-IROS 2004 best paper award on application (2005)
    for the paper Grid-based FastSLAM and Exploration with Active Loop Closing.
  • Award of the German Engeneering Society, VDI (2003) for my master's thesis Zielgerichtete Kollisionsvermeidung fuer mobile Roboter in dynamischen Umgebungen.