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Tobias Schubert


In the catastrophic scenario of earthquakes and gas explosions one main goal of the rescue forces is to find buried people fast. There are several methods to find the buried people. Either one can use sniffer dogs, small robots or handhold cameras, which can go through small holes. Sniffer dogs only detect the position where the persons smell leaks from the heap of rubble, they have difficulties to differentiate between living and persons who just died, and finally they are not usable in any kind of scenarios due to safety concern. Small robots and handhold cameras might get stuck in the pile of rubble, and thus have a limited penetration depth.

In this project we want to use a Bioradar to detect the breath and heart beat of living people. The Bioradar needs to be placed on the search location and the rescue team needs to be apart from it to obtain robust measurements. Due to safety concerns rescue forces usually can not climb the whole heap of rubble. In this project the Bioradar will be attached to an unmanned aeriel vehicle (UAV). The goal of the project is than to autonomously land in a predefined zone of the heap of rubble. One main part is thereby to find usable landing position out of stereo camera images.

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