Luciano Spinello

Luciano Spinello

Office: Somewhere in the Silicon Valley
Email: spinello (at) cs (dot)
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My research is in the intersection between of computer vision and robotics. I make robot perceive and reason about the environment.

I work in a pretty cool project in the silicon valley. I was at Amazon research in Seattle, WA. I spent great years as senior research fellow in the AIS Lab head by Prof. W. Burgard in Freiburg, Germany. I did my Ph.D. at ETH Zurich in the Prof. Roland Siegwart group in Switzerland. Before, I was research assistant in EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland in his former lab. I am originally from Rome in Italy, where I graduated in Electrical Engineering.


I published quite some papers (full list). This is a subset that well represents my work.

Selected publications in robot perception [full list]

IROS15 Multimodal Deep Learning for Robust RGB-D Object Recognition of A. Eitel, J. T. Springerberg, L. Spinello, M. Riedmiller and W. Burgard
ISRR15 Deep Feature Learning for Acoustics-based Terrain Classification of A. Valada, L. Spinello, and W. Burgard
AAAI14 Robust Visual Robot Localization Across Seasons using Network Flows. of T. Naseer, L. Spinello, W. Burgard and C. Stachniss
ICRA13 Geometrical FLIRT Phrases for Large Scale Place Recognition in 2D Range Data. of G. D. Tipaldi, L. Spinello and W. Burgard
ICRA12 Leveraging RGB-D Data: Adaptive Fusion and Domain Adaptation for Object Detection in RGB-D Data. of L. Spinello and K. O. Arras
IROS11 People Detection in RGB-D Data. of L. Spinello and K. O. Arras
IROS11 People Tracking in RGB-D Data With On-line Boosted Target Models. of M. Luber, L. Spinello and K. O. Arras
AAAI10 A Layered Approach to People Detection in 3D Range Data. of L. Spinello, K. O. Arras, R. Triebel and R. Siegwart and follow-up in ICRA 2011
ECCV10 Exploiting Repetitive Object Patterns for Model Compression and Completion. of L. Spinello, R. Triebel, D. Vasquez, R. Siegwart and K. O. Arras
IJRR10 Multiclass Multimodal Detection and Tracking in Urban Environments. of L. Spinello, R. Triebel, R. Siegwart


Selected publications in robot reasoning and navigation [full list]

IROS15 Metric Localization Using Google Street View. of P. Agarwal, W. Burgard and L. Spinello
ICRA15 Robot, Organize my Shelves! Tidying up Objects by Predicting User Preferences. of N. Abdo, C. Stachniss, L. Spinello and W. Burgard
ISER14 An Experimental Protocol for Benchmarking Robotic Indoor Navigation. of C. Sprunk, J. Roewekaemper, G. Parent, L. Spinello, G. D.Tipaldi, W. Burgard and M. Jalobeanu
ICRA13 Robust Map Optimization using Dynamic Covariance Scaling. of P. Agarwal, G. D. Tipaldi, L. Spinello, C. Stachniss, W. Burgard
IROS12 Socially Acceptable Robot Navigation: A Learning Approach. of M.Luber, L.Spinello, K.O. Arras


Academic activities

2014 Workshop organizer at RSS 2014: Non-parametric Learning in Robotics
2012 Workshop organizer at IROS 2012: Lifelong Learning for Mobile Robotics Applications.
2014 Associate Editor for International Conference of Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS)
2011-2015 Program committee of Robotics: Science and Systems Conference (RSS)
2012-2014 Program committee of German Conference of Artificial Intelligence (KI)
2011 Program committee of the 13th International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV)
2013 Program committee of European Conference on Mobile Robots (ECMR).