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Resources for Visual Compass (Master Thesis Project)


  • J. Sturm. Master thesis and preliminary PhD proposal, Robotics Reading Group, March 2007, Freiburg, Germany. visual-compass-germany.ppt
  • J. Sturm. An appearance-based visual compass for mobile robots, Thesis Defense, December 2006, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. visual-compass.ppt
  • A. Visser, J. Sturm, F.C.A. Groen. Robot Compagnion Localization at home and in the office, BNAIC '06, October 2006, Namur, Belgium. panoramic-localization.ppt
  • J. Sturm. MSc Project proposal and preliminary analysis, Master student seminar, September 2005, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. master05-preliminary-research.ppt
  • J. Sturm, A. Visser. The Dutch Aibo Team at the Universiteit van Amsterdam, Aibo Dag 2005, March 2005, Groningen, The Netherlands. groningen05-aibodag.ppt


  • D.A. van Soest, M. de Greef, J. Sturm and A. Visser. Autonomous Color Learning in an Artificial Environment Poster session of 18th Belgian Artificial Intelligence Conference (BNAIC'06), October 2006, Namen, Belgium. bnaic2006-poster-acc.ppt
  • J. Sturm, P. van Rossum, A. Visser. Panoramic Localization in the 4-Legged League: Removing the dependence on artificial landmarks, Poster session of 10th RoboCup International Symposium, June 2006, Bremen, Germany. robocup06-panoramic-localization.ppt
  • J. Sturm. Panoramic Localization on a Sony Aibo, Interdisciplinary College (IK 2006), March 2006, G√ľnne, Germany. ik2006-panoramic-localization.ppt

Demo Videos

Runnable Memorystick images for the Sony Aibo

Source code and Documentation

  • J. Sturm. Visual Compass, Aibo Source Code.
  • J. Sturm. Thesis' sources, including experimental data, figures, charts and latex sources.

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