Datasets for the localization of Google
Tango devices in 2D floor plans

These datasets correspond to the experiments described in
'Accurate Indoor Localization with a Google
Tango Device in 2D Floor Plans'.

Remission Calibration Obelix
Dataset of 3D scans from our robot Obelix.
The purpose of this dataset was to test the
calibration for the laser remission values as
described in this paper: Bastian Steder,
Michael Ruhnke, Rainer K├╝mmerle, and
Wolfram Burgard. Maximum Likelihood
Remission Calibration for Groups of
Heterogeneous Laser Scanners.
In Proc. of the IEEE Int. Conf. on
Robotics&Automation (ICRA). 2015.

Background image source: Google Earth©

Freiburg Campus 360deg scans
Background image source: Google Earth©

Quadrotor 079 Freiburg 3D scans