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Introduction To Mobile Robotics: FAQ

This page contains some additional hints for solving the assignments in the lab course.

How do I create an Eclipse project of the sources?

The current description has been derived using Eclipse 3.2.

  • Start Eclipse
  • File → New → Project..
  • In the wizard, choose “Java Project”
  • Enter a project name, then select “Contents: Create Project From Existing Source”
  • Click on “Directory: Browse” and select “your_path_to_week-1-stub/”
  • If available, select Java 1.5 as JRE (Java Runtime Environment)
  • Finish

How do I prepare the archive for submission

When you want to submit your code, use tar (or zip) to create a sourceball:

~> tar cvzf solution-week1.tgz your_path_to_week-1-stub/

Then open in your browser, fill in the form and upload solution-week1.tgz.

Assignment 3: Odometry vs. Truepose

  • The reported ground truth (the true pose) is an absolute measure; relative to an external map that was available to the simulator while the logfile was created.
  • The odometry messages, on the other hand, are purely relative: the robot starts with an initial odometry equal to zero, and incrementally adds its relative readings to this measure.
  • In Assignment 3, your task is to overlay the truepose messages in such a way, that they fit into your previous laserscan and odometry drawings. This means, that you have to transform the truepose data into the odometry coordinate system. To make your life easier, consider using CarmenPoint's concat() and subtract() methods.
  • Please note, that the drawings of some logfile will not appear in the center of the Robot Control canvas. This is fine, as this simply reflects the coordinates of the logfiles. If you want, you may also add code that dynamically centers the drawings (but no bonus points will be awarded).
  • In the new stub files, the laser message code is missing. The reason for this is that we do not want to publish the solutions on the internet. However, we encourage you to insert your code from your solution of week 1 into the project such that the drawings are complete (again, this is not mandatory and no bonus points will be awarded).

Assignment 4: Exercise 1c

  • The text of exercise 1c was misleading. The assignment is to calculate the area where the robot possibly ends up after the FIRST movement. Compute the resulting 4 corner points, and visualize the resulting poses at those points in a diagram.

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